Hellenic Volunteering Act

Project Requirements Briefing

Hellenic Voluteering Act (Hellva) is based on a sponsorship model where a sponsor is supporting one or more children by paying a standard fee for their annual needs. Most of the children supported by Hellva are living in the Jinja region of Uganda.

When Hellva started gaining popularity the founder and president of the organisation, Ms. Giolanda Pierakea, realized that it was time for an information system that would help her and the other members of Hellva to manage the growing number of sponsors, supported chidren and donators.

The application that would be developed, should answer the following requirements:

  1. The application should be accesible from anywhere because the members of Hellva travel to Uganda, quite often.
  2. The application should keep the contact details of sponsors and children
  3. The application should keep photos of the children organised by date of photo-shoot.
  4. The application should keep the tactical and ad-hoc donations of the sponsors as well as the donations of other supporters (not supporting a specific child).  
  5. The application should keep the annual school degrees of the children
  6. The application should produce a "Sponsorship Card" in printable form, so that each sponsor will have a special card for child that he sponsors. This card would contain the photo and the contact details of the children (age, name, etc.)

Solution Overview

In order to answer the requirements of the project the approach of a web-based application supported by a database was selected.

The main difficulty of this application was the management of thousands of contacts and the coordination of the sponsorship procedures. In order to overcome these difficulties we created a sophisticated search and filtering functionality so that the administrators of Hellva could now easily identify:

  • pending annual sponsorships
  • which sponsors have become inactive
  • which children do not have a sponsor
  • for which children they must upload a more recent photo
  • for which children they must enter the most recent school degrees
  • which sponsors have not yet received their annual sponsorhip card

Finally for the creation of the "Sponsorhip Cards" in printable format we created a mehcanism to produce these cards in PDF format. This way the organisation managed to further reduce its expenses by sending the Sponshorship Cards as attachments to the sponsors, instead of printing and then mailing the cards by post. 

After four years of operation, the application is still used and succesfully assists the volunteers of Hellva.


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